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FREE Shipping! We ship in-stock orders in 2-5 business days. See the 'How Fast It Ships' tab for details.
FREE Shipping! We ship in-stock orders in 2-5 business days.

Our Detailed Shipping Process

When it comes to the order and delivery process, each manufacturer is slightly different. For specifics on the timing for each manufacturer, see the How Fast To Ship tab on each product page.

At Bath Cabinets Depot, our team goes through a detailed process to make sure your shipment arrives error free in as quickly a timeframe as possible. Here are the detailed steps each of our product orders goes through on its journey to you.

Purchase Order Issued:

Bath Cabinets Depot will process your order within 24-hours of receipt. You get a confirming email when your order is placed, and that is our trigger to send the purchase order to the manufacturer.

Confirmation from Manufacturer:

Next the manufacturer will confirm your order with us. The manufacturer will check inventory stock, shipping details, and contact information and confirm that with us. If there is an issue at this step, we will notify you via email and arrive at a solution.

Preparing Your Order to Ship:

Preparing your order to ship is the next step. The manufacturer makes sure your order is complete, inspected, packaged property, and all set for the trip to you. At this point it is loaded into the truck for shipment. Bath Cabinets Depot will then send you an email with your shipping details and tracking information so you can follow the order direct to your shipping location. You can use our order tracking page on our site or directly through the shipping provider's site - whichever is most convenient for you.

Your Order is On The Road:

Finally, your order is on the road to you. Most of our products are large enough they ship via LTL carriers. If your order is smaller (a faucet or accessory for example) it may ship via FedEx or another familiar carrier. You can track the status of your shipment using the tracking number and details provided. Depending on where you are located relative to the manufacturer’s warehouse, this step can be the longest.

During this process you will receive emails with tips on what to do at each stage, and what to look for when your product arrives.

All of our products ship for FREE using our Standard Delivery. Our Standard Delivery is Curbside delivery only. If additional shipping needs are required, it is up to the customer to make our team aware of these needs so an additional cost to meet those needs can be arranged BEFORE the product ships.

If you have any questions regarding the process or durations, please reach out to our customer support team at for assistance.

Please note that LTL carriers do not offer an express shipping option. We cannot make a guarantee on shipping times.