Due to weather conditions in the East and Midwest, some orders and shipping times are being impacted. Deliveries from these areas or to these areas may be affected by the weather conditions. We continue to monitor conditions with regular updates from our suppliers and their warehouse teams.

Manufacturing Partners

Our CEO and Founder, Scott Bergstrom, is personally involved in our vendor selection process. Each manufacturing partnership is looked at as if we were installing their products in our own homes.

All products are shipped directly from our manufactures. This guarantees two things:

  • First, products are shipped quickly to minimize the time our customers must wait to receive their new cabinets.
  • Second, the cabinets are protected the way the manufacturer prefers, so they arrive on our customer’s doorstep in the best condition possible.


ALFI brand is a family-owned business passionate about helping individuals transform their bath. They are dedicated to manufacturing innovative and unique products that are both beautiful and functional. ALFI offers a diverse selection of bath products that won’t be found elsewhere, emphasizing quality and distinctive designs that will still fit your budget. Their fireclay sinks are imported from Israel and Italy and are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities that maintain high environmental standards. This provides customers with peace of mind, knowing that the products purchased from us are crafted from eco-friendly materials and with as little environmental impact as possible.

The bathroom collection includes a large selection of faucets, tub fillers, shower mixers, one of a kind LED, and rain shower heads in various shapes and sizes.

Please visit the Alfi Brand Collection to see their current product line.


Since its establishment in 2007, Design Element has become a top-tier supplier and industry leader for bathroom vanities across North America. Providing a complete solution for bathroom vanities makes it easy for their customers from ordering to installation. They offer various styles inspired from modern to traditional that are sure to create that model home appeal.

Please visit the Design Element Collection to see their current product line.


Eviva is one of the leading bathroom furniture importer and wholesaler. Eviva sells a wide variety of bathroom furniture categories, from bathroom vanities to bathroom bathtubs to faucets to mirrors and more.

Please visit the Eviva Collection to see their current product line.


Fresca believes the bathroom is the most important room in the house. In the morning, you use the bathroom to get ready and center yourself to prepare for the day's challenges. In the evening, you use the bathroom to relax and rejuvenate before sleeping at night. Since everyone's day begins and ends with the bathroom, it must be a peaceful and private sanctuary. All of Fresca’s product lines have been created with the goal to pair high quality, durable materials with cutting edge designs.

Please visit the Fresca Collection to see their current product line.


InFurniture Inc, based in Sacramento, California, ranks among the world's top furniture manufacturers, particularly regarding size and volume. They have manufactured fine furniture with a reputation for exceptional styling and quality craftsmanship. InFurniture has the extraordinary experience and rigorous quality standards to ensure the end products exceed expectations. This enables them to provide unique designs and unsurpassed value to every customer.


KubeBath was founded with a vision to develop products based on the concept of sustainability. Their dedication to those principles and philosophy of manufacturing with the lowest possible impact on the environment while using the most advanced technologies have made the company a reference point for the bathroom industry. All KubeBath furniture is formaldehyde-free.


The products Lexora carries aren’t like the ones you’ll see at the big-box stores. While the big-box stores cut corners to mass-produce products with the same cookie-cutter look quickly, Lexora focuses solely on products that combine contemporary style with a never outdated quality. From the faucets to vanities, every piece is constructed of sturdy materials using reliable techniques not to have to worry about the quality of the items you receive. Lexora’s products all sport a unique and stunning modern style that other sellers don’t offer. The clean lines, beautiful finishes, and subtle touches on all their products can turn even the most functional item into a work of art and a focal point for any modern home.

Please visit the Lexora Collection to see their current product line.


Lucena Bath meets different requirements providing solutions for those who want quality at an affordable price. Straight design with a contemporary profile to provide warmth with wood use. Their commitment to the environment has allowed Lucena Bath to obtain the PEFC certification, thus ensuring the provenance of the materials.

Please visit the Lucena Bath Collection to see their current product line.


Silkroad Exclusive, Inc., is an importer and wholesale, offering the best and largest selection of fine sink vanities from antique to transitional. Silkroad Exclusive’s has been supplying retail stores, designers, builders and contractors with the widest range of quality sink vanities while maintaining competitive prices.


Stufurhome offers the best and broadest selection of well-designed and well-crafted fine sink vanities, ranging from classic to contemporary, at competitive prices. Their goal is to achieve “total customer satisfaction” through their products and services' exceptional qualities. Stufurhome has a dedicated, professional, and friendly team of people who work together to ensure the quality of the products and provide the most efficient and full-fledged services our customers will find. Stufurhome has a strong belief in treating all r customers like family, which has made them a leader in supplying vanity retailers all across the US.

Please visit the Stufurhome Collection to see their current product line.


For over two decades, Whitehaus Collection® has been raising the bar by providing elegant, dynamic, finely crafted kitchen and bath fixtures which surpass industry standards, transforming those two most important rooms in the home into reflections of the homeowner's personal style. Their original designs and imports range from the traditional to contemporary, in a broad selection of styles and finishes for sinks, faucets and accessories.