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FREE Shipping! We ship in-stock orders in 2-5 business days. See the 'How Fast It Ships' tab for details.
FREE Shipping! We ship in-stock orders in 2-5 business days.

Design Element Shipping & Return Details

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Thank you for your recent Design Element purchase from Bath Cabinets Depot - an Authorized Retailer of our products! We are sure that you will enjoy this new addition to your home. Prior to the arrival of your bathroom furniture Design Element would like to advise you of a few things.

  • Please report and damage or missing cartons of your vanity to us immediately. This must be reported no more than 14 days from the date of delivery.
  • Concealed damages must be reported to us no longer than 7 days after you receive your vanity. These are damages that happen in shipping but are not obvious from the outside of the packaging. There may not be any signs of damage to the container but you may open your vanity to find a damaged part.
  • Your 1 year manufacturer warranty begins on the day you receive your vanity. Your warranty covers against manufacturer defects that may arise over time. However this does not cover stains and or wear and tear usage damages that come from regular everyday usage of the vanity.
  • If you decide that you would like to return your purchase, you may be liable for the return shipping costs and a possible restocking fee. Our customer service team will be more than happy to assist you in returning your vanity. If you need assistance please feel free to call us at (909) 988-4588.
  • Most importantly, please thoroughly inspect your delivery prior to signing for it. Always be sure that you are receiving the correct amount of cartons listed on the delivery receipt for your vanity. Please refuse any damaged items and notate the damages on the delivery receipt. If you require more time to inspect the shipment please note “subject to inspection” on the delivery receipt.

And lastly, enjoy your Design Element bathroom vanity from Bath Cabinets Depot! We fully stand behind and are proud of the quality of our products. You are sure to love them too!


Instructions for Receiving Freight

Design Element:

  • Ensures all freight is properly packaged for shipment. All freight is adequately palletized, strapped and wrapped. Design Element packaging has been inspected, tested and meets or exceeds national motor carrier standards.
  • Will retain a copy of the original documentation of pickup (BOL) to ensure that the correct items were shipped and provide acknowledgement of the driver’s receipt of the accurate items.

At time of delivery, the Customer (you) must be certain to perform the following steps:

  • Fully inspect freight for damages.
  • Count the number of cartons your have been delivered and make sure that your count matches the piece count listed on the delivery receipt.
  • Note all damages and or quantity of missing cartons on the delivery receipt. If you need more time to inspect your freight please note “subject to further inspection” on the delivery receipt.
  • Be sure to document, with photos, any damages to the packaging that include but are not limited to perforations, dents, and or punctures that break through the packaging.
  • Please be sure to document, with pictures, any damages found inside the packaging as well. Pay close attention to look for cracked wood, cracked or chipped stone, and cracked or shattered mirrors.
  • When receiving separately packaged pieces please refuse any damaged packages. Keep any packages that are free from damage.
  • Customers are responsible for notifying their retailer immediately regarding any issues with their delivery. All issues must be reported to Design Element within 7 days of the date of delivery to avoid claims being denied.
  • Customers must not accept or sign for deliveries without inspection.

All bulleted points on this list are crucial to completing claims for replacement or returned units, and may result in denial of consignee’s claim with Design Element if not properly followed.