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FREE Shipping! We ship in-stock orders in 2-5 business days.

Bath Cabinets Depot Officially Opens

Fremont, CA -- December 30, 2018 – Bath Cabinets Depot, which provides high-quality bath cabinets and vanities with exceptional customer experience, has officially opened its doors. Bath Cabinets Depot will offer Do-it-Yourselfers, and professional builders access to the industry's best manufacturers and suppliers. Bath Cabinet Depot will offer exceptional customer service throughout the entire process from research, purchase, and delivery.

"Our goal in creating Bath Cabinets Depot was to provide Do-it-Yourselfers and professional builders with a place where they can purchase industry-leading products, with as much or as little customer service as needed," said Scott Bergstrom, founder and CEO, Bath Cabinets Depot. "Almost everyone has experienced going into a large big-box store or browsing an online and being overwhelmed with choices and not having a reliable source to answer questions. We want our customers to know we stand behind our products and are here to offer our expertise whenever it is needed."

Founder and CEO Scott Bergstrom has more than 30 years of experience within the construction industry. Over the years, he noticed a consistent theme that there were plenty of sources to purchase when it came to cabinets, especially those related to bathrooms. Still, none catered to both the DIYer and professional builders. With this knowledge, Scott opened Bath Cabinets Deport to help customers find the right cabinets and leverage his hands-on support experience.

About Bath Cabinets Depot

Bath Cabinets Depot was founded in 2018 as a place the DIYer and professional builder can find knowledgeable help, exceptional customer support, and fair prices. Each customer can get as much or as little support and guidance as they need. Our professional builders get a partner who understands their challenges and deadlines. Exceptional customer service should be the expectation, not a surprise. Selecting the best manufacturing partners, this family owned company supports customers nationwide. We are your bath cabinet and vanity experts.