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Don't forget to pair a faucet and drain with your new vanity. We offer a wide range of options of faucets, tub fillers, and drains.
Don't forget a new faucet and drain body to complete your vanity.

About Us

CEO and founder Scott Bergstrom has worked in the construction industry for more than 30 years. Over the years, Scott noticed a consistent theme when it came it cabinets of all types, but most specifically those related to bathrooms. He saw plenty of sources to purchase cabinets; however, none of those businesses catered to both the DIYer and professional builder. 
There are many great companies out there, but nothing that provides a reliable product with the customer service needed to help the buyer before, during, and after the purchase. Every customer has had the experience of going into a large big-box store or going online, being overwhelmed with choices, and not having anyone that knows anything about the product, or more importantly, how to install it once purchased. Seeing this gap in the industry, Scott opened Bath Cabinets Depot to help customers find the right cabinet and leverage his experience to provide a hands-on approach to help after the purchase.
Mission Statement
At Bath Cabinets Depot, our mission is to provide high-quality bath cabinets and vanities with an exceptional customer experience
Our goal is for customers to have an experience that is simple and easy. Our promise to customers is simple:
  • We are your cabinet experts.
  • We will offer access to the highest quality manufacturers in the industry.
  • We will provide an exceptional customer experience.
  • We will help customers as much or as little as needed. 
  • We will partner with manufacturers that hold the same high standards we do.