About us

Welcome to Bath Cabinets Depot!

My name is Scott Bergstrom, and I have been a builder for 30 years. My entire adult life has been in the construction industry. I am blessed to love what I do. I love to build things. I equally get satisfaction from helping others make their vision a reality. These two things seemed perfect to blend together as I start what is now my second company.

During my time in the construction industry I noticed a consistent theme when it came to cabinets of all types, but particularly those related to bathrooms. While I found plenty of sources, none of these businesses catered to both the DIY-er and the professional builder alike.

Just as concerning to me was the customer experiences left a lot to be desired. Some good companies, but nothing that I was hoping to find to help my projects or my clients. We've all been there: The cavernous big-box store where no one seems to know anything about what you are looking for. The online store that has products everywhere but no one that actually knows anything about them or how to install them. I founded Bath Cabinets Depot to fill that void.

At Bath Cabinets Depot, our mission is to provide high quality bath cabinets and vanities with an exceptional customer experience. Simple. Easy. Somewhere you can go and trust we are there to help YOU, and your project is IMPORTANT to us as well.

My personal promise to you, my customers, is straightforward:

  • We are your cabinet experts.
  • We will offer you access to the highest quality manufacturers in the industry.
  • We will provide an exceptional customer experience.
  • We will be here to help you as much or as little as you need while making your important purchase.

We partner with companies that hold the same high standards that we do. I am personally involved with our vendor selection process. This is the best way to do business with our manufacturing partners, and it is the best way to provide quality products to our customers. We look at each partnership as if we are installing the products in our own homes - because, in fact, I have done just that! 

We ship directly from our manufacturing partners. This guarantees two things for our customers: First, the products are shipped quickly to minimize the time you have to wait to get your new cabinets; Second, your cabinets are protected the way the manufacturer wants them to be so it arrives in the best possible condition to your doorstep.

I hope our store provides exactly the products and solutions you are looking for to complete your projects - large or small. I understand that this is a significant investment in your home (one that will increase the value and enjoyment of your space). I am grateful that you are trusting us to help with that investment.

Thank you for choosing Bath Cabinets Depot, and best wishes on the success of your project. 

All the best,
Scott Begstrom, LEED AP
Founder / President
Bath Cabinets Depot


PS: Our team would love to see some before and after pictures of your finished project if you would like to share when you are completed. Feel free to email them directly to me at sbergstrom@bathcabinetsdepot.com.