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Why Consider a Floating Bathroom Vanity?

Why Consider a Floating Bathroom Vanity?

If you’re redoing your bathroom, it’s likely that you are considering which vanity to get. Your bathroom vanity draws attention and is a functional piece. It is perfect for adding style. Furthermore, you can store products and supplies underneath most types. 

There are several different types of bathroom vanities. However, a floating bathroom vanity has made a huge impact. If you’re looking at this style of vanity, there are many reasons why it’s a good idea. Not only will it work as a statement piece, but you won’t lose functionality. 

Choosing the Perfect Bathroom Vanity

We’ll discuss the different types of bathroom vanities and then why a floating vanity is a great option. 

Types of vanities

As a general rule, there are five types of vanities for you to choose from. Depending on the function you need and the style you like, you may find one more practical than another. The types of bathroom vanities are: 

1. Pedestal

Fresca CMB1060-V Attrazione 29" Glass Pedestal | | Glass bathroom,  Pedestal sink bathroom, Glass sink

While we don’t recommend pedestal vanities for master ensuites, they do have a place in the home. We often recommend using them in half bathrooms or main floor powder rooms. Pedestal vanities look chic and simple. However, they don’t have any room for storage underneath. A pedestal consists of a sleek base design and a basin, or sink, which falls about hip level. These vanities are often made out of porcelain. 

Because of their simple nature, pedestal vanities are versatile. Regardless of your stylistic choices in the bathroom, a pedestal sink will complement them. Luckily, it won’t overwhelm the space or compete for attention. 

2. Free-standing 

KubeBath Bliss 48 in. Free Standing Modern Bathroom Vanity - Black,  FMB48-BK in 2021 | Modern bathroom vanity, Modern black vanity, Contemporary  bathroom vanity

If you enjoy the functionality of a pedestal sink, consider a free-standing vanity. They often serve the same purpose. However, they are usually bulky in nature. Most free-standing sinks are square or rectangular. They don’t feature the same sleek base as a pedestal bathroom. 

Because free-standing sinks don’t have storage, we also don’t recommend them in master ensuites. Keep these vanities in bathrooms that don’t require product storage. Because of this, they are perfect for powder rooms and half bathrooms. 

3. Vessel

32" Teak Modern Bathroom Vanity with Faucet, Medicine Cabinet and Linen  Side Cabinet Option

A vessel is one of our favorite options! It will often come with a vanity with plenty of storage. The vessel sink sits neatly on top, instead of inset into the cupboards. A vessel sink makes a huge statement and doesn’t eat up space where most sinks would fit into the cupboards. 

Vessel sinks are often more expensive. However, it’s worth it for a chic statement. Play with different sink materials and vanity colors to set your style. 

4. Under-mounted 

Fresca Torino 24" Gray Oak Modern Bathroom Vanity w/ Integrated Sink – Zen  Tap Sinks

Under-mounted sinks are traditionally the most popular. The sink is inset into the vanity itself. These are easier to clean than vessel sinks. Furthermore, under-mounted vanities have more security than floating sinks. 

5. Floating

Fresca Mezzo 39" Modern Bathroom Cabinet with Integrated Sink – EZ Vanities

Instead of having legs, the vanity structure is mounted onto the wall. Floating vanities look sleek and modern. There are many ways to add to a floating vanity. For example, you can include LED lights underneath the vanity. These will illuminate the floor. 

When choosing a floating vanity, it's important to keep the weight limit in mind. You must be mindful to ensure there’s no damage done to the wall. Floating vanities don’t have the same footing as other vanity types. 

Why Choose a Floating Vanity

Now that we’ve discussed the different vanity options, we can explain why a floating vanity is a perfect choice. We’ll outline a few of our favorite reasons for this vanity type. 

  • Make your bathroom look bigger

Bathrooms have important space! In fact, homeowners are quick to judge the kitchen and bathroom when buying. Optimizing the space in your bathroom is important. Not only does this help with resale, but it minimizes the cluttered look. 

Floating vanities play a trick on the eye. The flooring can spread out toward the wall behind the vanity. Because of this, there’s an optical illusion that the bathroom is bigger. You can also use this extra space for storage. 

  • Draw attention to other features

If you’re planning out your bathroom, you’ve put a lot of thought into it. For example, you’ve probably chosen a floor and tile that you love. Why not create more space for those features? With a floating vanity, there’s more room for tilework and flooring. This way, a bulky cabinet isn’t hiding these luxe features. 

  • Easier to clean

Having a clean bathroom is important. However, it’s not always our favorite chore to do. A floating vanity will make cleaning easier. You can easily get under the vanity with a vacuum or mop. You’ll feel that your bathroom is squeaky clean all of the time!

Furthermore, there’s nothing more annoying than dust bunnies finding their way into crevices. This won’t be a concern with a floating vanity. 

  • Personalized experience

Are you taller or shorter than the average person? You might have found that the average vanity didn’t work for you. For example, when you’re bending over to wash your face. Normal vanities may be too tall or too short. This can create strain on your back. 

With a floating vanity, you can customize where it sits. If you’re taller, put the vanity up higher. If you’re shorter, put the vanity lower. This is an easy way to customize your bathroom and be more comfortable. 

  • Make it your own

As previously stated, many people add LED lighting under their floating vanities. This is a great way to customize your space. However, you can take this one step further. If you have children, you can hide a step stool under the vanity. You have the room and freedom to make this space yours. 


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If you’re looking for a floating bathroom vanity, there are several reasons you’ll love it! They look luxe and chic in any space. Furthermore, they offer customization and a more personal experience. If you want to achieve an ultra-modern look in your bathroom, a floating vanity is the way to go. 

By understanding the different vanities on the market, we hope we’ve helped make your decision easier. Now you just have to find a vanity that speaks to your design style. 

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