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FREE Shipping! We ship in-stock orders in 2-5 business days.
What Is Happening With Inventory Lately

What Is Happening With Inventory Lately?

You can't help but notice it. Everywhere you go in your eCommerce shopping over the past few months you find the same common theme - OUT OF INVENTORY. Those dreaded words you see only after you have fallen in love with the product you have been researching. You have done all of the comparisons, looked at your pricing, and now made your final choice. Only to be foiled as you reward yourself by hitting the "Add to Cart" button. But why? How come this happened to you?

Over the last few years, decades really, we have become a global economy. Everyone across the globe relies on each other to help grow the crops, manufacture the components, and build the products we use everyday. We are all part of an interdependent macro economic process. All of us are affected by it, and none more than the eCommerce stores that you purchase your products from.

Each of us has scoured the source of suppliers across the world. We are looking for the best possible products we can offer our customers, and we are looking for the best value we can get them to you for. Not an easy task at all. We must separate the good from the bad to protect our customers. The honest from the dishonest (and yes that is a large list unfortunately). Then we have to curate just the right products for your tastes and get them on our store presented just right for you. Then comes the tricky part - we have to be sure we can deliver on them when you purchase them.

The global economic discussions (being politically polite here) have had an effect on the small business. It has constrained some inventories. It has made others even more difficult to get ahold of. While many of the results have been positive, then you add in the latest challenges with COVID-19, and we have a perfect storm. Inventories are already low, and now nothing gets shipped as factories across the world close due to illness (and to protect their employees). That puts a strain on the whole system.

We are starting to see some of this relent, and I suspect inventories will start to grow back over time. But how does that help you and your project right now? It means you have to be more vigilant with your purchase research. Be sure you are dealing with a good business with honest people that are there to help you - not just make a sale and take your hard earned money.

At Bath Cabinets Depot we are that honest company that you can count on. The right mix of cabinet experts with construction experts, and a team that wants you to be successful. If your project turns out great, and you are happy with our help in making it great you are more likely to refer us to your friends, work colleagues, and others. And, let's face it, we like to be liked. We want to be there to help you and then help those that trusted your recommendation to use us.

So as you surf through our store and product lines, don't be discouraged by the "on backorder" dreaded feeling. Simply reach out to us for honest help, and we'll give you the straight answer on how quickly we can get the vanity of your dreams delivered to your home. You have my word on it.

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