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The Different Types of Bathroom Vanities

The Different Types of Bathroom Vanities

Interior design isn’t the main focus for some homeowners. Yet, it’s still important to create the living space you want. After all, whichever room you spend time in, you want it to feel comfortable and relaxing. That includes your bathroom. While you may not consider it, be on the lookout for the right vanity set to create the perfect bathroom you’ll feel best in. Here are some of the different types of bathroom vanities to know.


Wall-mounted vanities are some of the most common styles used today. Ultimately, they sit atop a base with a wall-mounted sink attached. They’re classy, iconic, and stylish for any interior design. Not to mention, this type of vanity also allows for more space around it. So you can have extra storage or décor. Just make sure no plumbing fixtures remain exposed, as these should be within or behind the vanity.


A framed or rimmed vanity is typically in older homes or apartments. It gets its name from the metal trim surrounding the mirror. Adjacent to this is a porcelain or cast-iron sink, while plumbing remains concealed in the base. Framed vanities may not look as luxurious as wall-mounted or pedestal vanities, but they serve their purpose well. They also offer greater design freedom than fixed vanities because you have more room to decorate.


Another one of the different types of bathroom vanities to know is the free-standing vanity. It stands apart from the wall. Like a piece of furniture, no studs or wall bearings affix it to the wall. Look for a free-standing vanity with multiple storage drawers to keep your belongings safe. You can also go antiquing to find a unique, beautiful older piece for an affordable price.


Lastly, there are pedestal vanities. These classic pieces are common in newer homes and apartments because they add a beautiful focal point to any bathroom. They’re also perfect for tighter spaces. When your bathroom doesn’t have lots of square footage, pedestal vanities offer a great solution while maintaining an elegant design. The pedestal is mostly decorative, but it also serves to protect and conceal plumbing lines. Consider this option if you don’t have much bathroom space but still want a luxurious feel in your intimate space.

Bath Cabinets Depot has everything you need to design the perfect bathroom that fits your style and budget. Our vast selection of vanity cabinets is elegant and clean. Whether you’re looking for a classic or modern look, you’ll find what you need. Call now for more information. If you have any questions or concerns, our expert team is here to help!

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