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The Benefits of Floating Bathroom Vanities

The Benefits of Floating Bathroom Vanities

Bathrooms are some of the most private places in your home. You can unwind in a bathtub after a long day, pamper yourself for a fun night out, or get ready for your office job. A bathroom is a place of peace and tranquility where you can take time to make yourself feel good, inside and out.

Homeowners often renovate their bathrooms to match their aesthetics and provide storage for their everyday hygienic and styling products. However, wall-mounted vanities have provided a unique way to save space and create a modern feel for bathrooms. So here are a couple of floating bathroom vanity benefits you should consider.

Makes for Easy Cleaning

Did you know that wall-mounted vanities make for easier cleaning? That’s right—it’s easier to get under the vanity to wipe dust and debris without squeezing or straining.

You won’t have to worry about fighting to get in the nooks and crannies or clean the corners with struggle. Because floating bathroom vanities are off the ground, you can easily wipe underneath them in one step.

Adds More Counter Space

If you have a wall-mounted vanity that goes from wall to wall, you can have additional counter space for hygienic, beauty, and décor items. This is especially true if you install a double-sink vanity; one side can become your workspace, and the other can be a place for your bedmate’s belongings. It creates more storage space without taking up as much room as a standard vanity.

Helps With Customized Storage

A benefit to installing a floating bathroom vanity is the additional cabinet storage you acquire. Not only will you get counter and cabinet space, but you’ll also have room underneath your vanity for storage bins and baskets. You can create eye-catching storage for toiletries, linens, towels, and more.

Creates More Floor Space

Floating bathroom vanities have space-saving abilities. They make your bathroom look significantly larger and create foot room underneath for additional storage. Whether you go with a single or double sink vanity, it can help free up floor space and create flow throughout your bathroom.

Are you looking to install a space-saving and aesthetically pleasing bathroom vanity? At Bath Cabinets Depot, we offer bathroom vanities that help save space, look beautiful, and increase your home’s value. We offer single, double, pedestal, and cabinet-only styles that perfectly match your desired type and needs. Our bathroom vanities online will help inspire the look and feel you’re going for. Reach out to us today for information about our bathroom vanities.

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