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How To Choose a Bathroom Vanity for Your Master Suite

How To Choose a Bathroom Vanity for Your Master Suite

Remodeling your master bathroom takes a lot of planning, time, and investment. Taking accurate measurements and choosing suitable materials can make or break the results of your hard work. Moreover, your master bathroom vanity should capture the feel of the entire bathroom space and pull the room together seamlessly.

What makes a bathroom vanity so impressive is how it’s displayed and used in your private space. It needs to not only fit your bathroom’s layout but the décor and theme of your master suite overall, have good storage abilities, and last for years to come. So, let’s go over some tips on choosing a master suite bathroom vanity.

Advantages of Custom Bathroom Vanities

Many benefits come with ordering a custom design for your master suite bathroom. From fitting in perfectly with your bathroom’s layout to increasing the value of your home, you won’t regret going with custom cabinetry.

Personalized Bathroom Feel

Upgrading your bathroom cabinetry can indeed enhance the luxurious feel of your home. Moreover, having customized cabinetry can complement the existing amenities and appliances. Lastly, when you have a personalized bathroom vanity, you can choose any countertop you desire, from cheap granite to expensive marble.

Designing your custom bathroom vanity means you can choose styles and materials based on personal preference, style, and taste. Height, color, and width are other factors you can take into your own hands to make it as extravagant or simple as you wish. With more creativity at your disposal, you can make it truly unique to your bathroom space.

Additional Space & Storage

Whether you have a considerably large or somewhat cozy master bathroom, some features you’ll want to include are ample storage and counter spaces for your cosmetics and other hygiene products. We recommend choosing storage and counter space options that are easy to clean and keep organized.

Consider built-in or floor-to-ceiling cabinets, or large-scale storage shelves, to create a stylish and high-functioning bathroom with endless storage abilities. You won’t have to worry about cosmetics, styling tools, and hygiene products creating clutter.

Increased Home Value

Upgraded and refreshed bathrooms with stylish, luxurious vanities can easily sway a potential homebuyer in your favor. So, when it comes time to sell your property, keep in mind that your home’s value can increase considerably after renovating your master bathroom.

Perfect Measuring & Fit

All bathrooms aren’t the same. The same can be said for your master bathroom’s cabinetry. Luckily, if you have your vanity custom-built, it can easily accommodate made-to-fit units without the worry for tight corners, awkward cabinet door locations, and uncomfortably small spaces.

Talk to your cabinet contractor about your potential concerns and ideas that you’ll want in the given bathroom dimensions you have. They’ll help create the best cabinet possible that fits within your bathroom layout limitations.

Choosing a Master Suite Bathroom Vanity

Now that you know more about the benefits of creating a custom bathroom vanity, let’s discuss tips for choosing a master suite bathroom vanity that best suits your home.

Ideal Cabinetry Placement

While you may have a design in mind, your vanity’s placement must allow for a proper fit in your bathroom space to prevent traffic or hamper your daily routine. Moreover, you don’t want to worry about your bathroom door or shower door swinging into your vanity, creating dents and damage.

Ask yourself the following questions: are the surrounding areas available for regular cleaning? Will the cabinet doors interrupt foot traffic? Will the vanity stick out too far and create a cramped space? Ensure that the size of your vanity fits within your bathroom space without causing discomfort.

Cabinetry Materials Used

Regularly using your bathroom to put on makeup, wash up, or relax after a long day is a meeting ground for humidity, puddles, and heavy foot traffic. So, ensure that your vanity materials can withstand its environment. The materials used need to stand up against humidity, puddles, and other factors and stand the test of time.

Materials such as laminates, thermofoil, and wood veneers hold up best in bathroom environments. If you wish to use natural wood, ensure that it’s properly sealed and lacquered to prevent as much damage as possible. Additionally, you’ll want a countertop that’s durable and easy to clean.

Storage Features

It’s easy to pick an aesthetically pleasing vanity and countertop for your bathroom space, but it also needs to have functionality. Look for cabinets that offer storage abilities and allow you to access everything you need within reach.

Determine how much storage space you need, whether you live alone or with multiple people who use the same area. Vanities with built-in drawers and shelves can free up floor space without requiring additional storage bins or baskets.

Design & Style Preferences

Your bathroom vanity should fit your existing layout instead of looking out of place. As you choose your vanity design preferences, think about the specific details it will need to look polished and sophisticated.

Aspects such as efficiency, colors, textures, hardware, sink design and size, and faucet details are essential. For example, you can have electrical outlets in your cabinet drawer for easy use and access to your styling tools. Make it to your liking and routine for fluid movement and seamless handling.

Additional Costs

Along with cosmetic and quality-of-life improvements, you’ll need to consider any additional costs that may go into your bathroom vanity. Establishing a budget will help you figure out the necessities your cabinet requires for functionality.

As you install your bathroom vanity, you must figure out if you need plumbing changes or electrical rewiring. These changes can significantly impact your budget and the quality of your vanity. So, ensure that your vanity choices fit with your given budget.

Taking the time out of your busy schedule to create the perfect bathroom space requires patience and careful planning. At Bath Cabinets Depot, we offer high-quality, luxurious bathroom vanities that will give your bathroom space a timeless feel. We provide single and dual sink vanities to perfectly fit the layout and theme of your master suite bathroom. Browse our single and double-sink vanity catalog today so that you can find the perfect piece to make your bathroom an oasis.

How To Choose a Bathroom Vanity for Your Master Suite
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