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Best Bathroom Vanity Tops

Best Bathroom Vanity Tops

Countertops are versatile and can be your secret weapon for any room. These surfaces have different purposes. You can use tops for storage and putting on makeup in bedrooms. They are perfect for food preparation in the kitchen.

Not every countertop is the same. The materials and features depend on the area where you are placing them. In this guide, you’ll discover more about bathroom countertops. It’ll discuss the best materials and their advantages. Keep reading to identify the most suitable solution for your décor!

What Are the Best Bathroom Vanity Tops?

Most other factors come down to your preference. But the material chosen directly affects your countertop’s quality. The market offers many decent choices. Learning more about their advantages is imperative. Here are the top materials for bathroom countertops!

1. Quartz

Laviva 313613-30W-WQ Odyssey - 30 - White Vanity Cabinet + White Quartz  Countertop [313613-30W-WQ] - $1,215.00 : FOCAL POINT || Top Quality  Hardware and Plumbing - Kitchen & Bath

If you need premium countertop quality, this material is a safe bet. Quartz is a top-quality option and long-term investment. It’s among the strongest materials available. That includes being more durable than natural stone. Quartz is also not particularly porous. It features excellent stain resistance. Removing any dirty spots should be effortless.

These countertops aren’t from 100% quartz. Depending on the unit, the core material is from 70% to 90%. The manufacturers use a mixture of minerals, resins, and pigments for the rest. It’s how you get optimal construction, but also a color variety.

Quartz bathroom tops offer many styles and shades. If you compare them to natural stone, you won’t notice any visual difference. Quartz has a more durable structure. It isn’t that resistant to heat. However, you shouldn’t have problems with usual bathroom temperatures. It won’t be an issue if it gets steamy inside. But avoid putting any extremely hot items on the element.

These tops often come with a sink included. The integrated structure saves space and adds to the overall appearance. Basins are usually made from ceramic, although it depends on the unit.

2. Granite

Best Bathroom Vanity Tops

For a long time, this material dominated the vanity countertops. Although it’s not the most common, granite can still be a wise choice. This natural stone variation is suitable for modern bathrooms. It conveys a message of elegance and luxury to anyone who enters.

Granite is strong and resistant to damage like chips and dents. It’s why you see it in kitchen and bathroom tops. The endless styles and colors will fit any décor. Each granite slab is unique and comes with specific patterns and hues.

Apart from strength, granite offers excellent humidity and heat resistance. It’s vital for bathrooms since moisture isn’t uncommon here. And if you like to steam the area up when you are showering, you’ll appreciate choosing granite. It will ensure your top stays in the best condition for years. 

But while granite is a long-term investment, it costs much upfront. You need to be careful when installing it. Granite is massive, so helping hands are imperative.

3. Marble

Laviva Luna 30" White Bathroom Vanity with Black Wood Marble Counterto

Granite and marble are similar since they are natural stones. Many find this metamorphic material to be the most beautiful countertop option. It seems you get everything with marble. This limestone is durable and resistant to heat and humidity.

Marble is available in different patterns. You’ll often see the white color with gray streaks. Darker shades are also available. Marble is a premium material, but make sure to get it from a reliable brand. Its structure can vary – experts notice different minerals when sourcing from various quarries. That also means marble is unique, and there’s no exact match to a specific pattern.

The upfront price is high for this limestone. Marble is elegant and durable. It makes it a smart pick for luxurious bathrooms and premium accommodation units.

4. Solid Surface

Laviva Wilson 30" Grey Bathroom Vanity with Matte White VIVA Stone Sol

The best bathroom countertops in the affordable range feature this material. A solid surface is a mixture of different compounds. The manufacturers use polyester and acrylic particles. They bond them with resins to deliver a “stone-like” appearance.

At first glance, a solid surface reminds you of marble or granite. Its main advantage is the more affordable price. You don’t pay that much up front to get a countertop that looks like it's made of stone. Different materials also ensure various styles and patterns. Some solid surface tops come with integrated basins.

The material is affordable and durable. However, it requires greater care due to limited heat resistance. Curling irons and other devices with extreme temperatures can scorch this surface. The good news is any dents and cracks are repairable. Some sanding will ensure the unit looks new. The solid surface also features excellent stain resistance.

Which Other Materials to Consider for Your Bathroom Top?

The most popular selections are above, but you can also go with these compounds:

  • Concrete. It’s another stone variation, but one more suitable for industrial facilities.

  • Tile. They can fit with the décor seamlessly. You can pick tiles made of porcelain, glass, or ceramic.

  • Laminate. It offers a durable base and endless color choices. This material looks great but can get duller over time.

  • Porcelain. You probably have it on other bathroom elements. Porcelain looks attractive, and it’s simple to clean. It’s resistant to heat, but you can chip it if you're not careful.

Other Factors When Choosing Bathroom Countertops

If you settled on a material, assess these features to find the best unit:

  • Dimensions. Compact sizes will suit a single person. Larger vanities can accommodate multiple users. You should assess the available room in the designated location. Don’t forget to consider depth, not only height and width.

  • Style. It’s easy to find one that suits your taste. You can pick from light and dark shades and different patterns.

  • Edges. More than 20 different treatments are available. That includes anything from crescent to bevel and full bullnose. Please focus on the edge treatment to ensure you like it.

  • Budget. It largely depends on the material. If you don’t use that bathroom often, an affordable option is better. A solid surface is a decent choice. But for luxury areas, go with marble and other premium options. 


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Final Thoughts

Finding the best bathroom vanity top isn’t a simple task. It helps that you can browse dozens of models at premium online stores. Start by checking different materials and looking for your preferred option. From there, assess the style, size, and other details. The item should meet your budget and feel like good value for money. And once you pick the perfect unit from the available bathroom countertops, don’t worry about the delivery. Online shops will send it to your doorstep in the shortest possible time. Don’t hesitate to look for your desired vanity top and place an order!

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