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5 Modern Bathroom Vanities That Overflow with Style

5 Modern Bathroom Vanities That Overflow with Style

There is something special about a bathroom vanity. They add personality to your powder room while providing the necessary functionality. The style of your vanity will help bring the entire bathroom together. 

Before choosing a vanity, it’s important to be knowledgeable about them. There are different types of vanities and common features to consider. In this article, we will give a brief overview of vanity styles. From there, we will share 5 of our favorite bathroom vanities with tops. 

Modern Bathroom Vanities

Vanity design has transformed over the years. You can now purchase pre-made vanities of different styles, materials, and functions. Learn more about top products by reading below! 

Types of vanities

Generally speaking, there are six types of vanities to choose from. Each vanity will vary in size, functionality, and material. 

  • Pedestal 

Fresca Netto 24 Modern Glass Bathroom Pedestal

A pedestal vanity is often used in main floor powder rooms or half bathrooms. A pedestal sink is unique because it doesn’t have any room for storage. It is simply a sleek base design, often made of porcelain, that holds the sink at hip level. 

Pedestal vanities are extremely versatile. Because they are simple, they can complement most design choices. We recommend not using pedestal sinks in frequently-used bathrooms. Because there is no storage, you’ll need an additional solution for hair products, makeup, and cleaning supplies. 

Despite this, pedestal sinks do serve their purpose. Add it into a half bathroom to provide a quick and easy way to wash hands. 

  • Free-standing 

Kubebath Bliss 48 Black Free Standing Modern Bathroom Vanity

A free-standing sink is similar to a pedestal sink. However, they often offer a more square or rectangular look. Where a pedestal sink has a tapered base, a free-standing sink often is bulkier. They offer a unique style to any bathroom. 

Similar to pedestal vanities, free-standing sinks are best used in half bathrooms and powder rooms. Because they lack storage, it isn’t a great option for a master or guest bathroom. Despite this, free-standing sinks come in a variety of colors and styles. They can be quite unique and often add more style than a traditional pedestal. 

  • Vessel 

Fresca Medio 32 Black Modern Bathroom Cabinet W/ Vessel Sink

A vessel sink is a gorgeous option. It has a vanity (often with storage), and then a rising bowl that sits neatly on top of the vanity. Where traditional sinks fit into the vanity base, a vessel will stand out. 

Vessel sinks can be quite bulky and also expensive. However, they provide beauty to any bathroom. Luckily, you don’t lose storage space down below. Because of this, it’s an excellent choice for master bathrooms. You can also play with different colors of vanity and sink. This allows for several different options for you to choose from. 

  • Wall-mounted

A wall-mounted vanity can also be known as a floating vanity. Instead of having legs, the structure is mounted onto the wall. Wall-mounted vanities look sleek and modern. Many homeowners will add lights beneath the vanity for an extra addition. 

Many wall-mounted options still have plenty of storage. However, it’s important to keep the weight limit in mind. By over-adding weight to the structure, you can risk it causing damage to your wall. If you can be mindful of weight limits, this is a great option. 

  • Under-mounted 

Stufurhome Marla 30 Single Sink Bathroom Vanity with Mirror

Under-mounted sinks consist of a vanity where the sink is sunk into it. These are very common in homes. It offers a sleek design and it keeps cleaning a little easier than a vessel. 

One downside to this option is that the sunken sink will eat up some of your storage space within the vanity. When looking at under-mounted vanities, consider the amount of remaining storage and whether that’ll be enough for you. 

  • Cabinet 

Lexora Volez 12” Dark Grey side Cabinet

A vanity cabinet is another common option for half bathrooms and powder rooms. It features a simple cupboard underneath an under-mounted sink. Though the storage space is limited, it offers enough room for towels, toilet paper, and cleaning products. 

Single vs. Double 

Determining whether you want a single or double vanity can be tricky! Depending on how you’re using the space, you’ll likely find one is more suitable than the other. Double vanities are often used in master bathrooms or jack-and-jill rooms. Single vanities are great for guest bathrooms or half bathrooms. Some things to consider when purchasing a vanity include:

  • Size. How much room do you have in your bathroom? Double vanities will take up significantly more space. If you have a smaller bathroom, a double vanity may become overwhelming and look cluttered. However, if you have a large bathroom, a double vanity will accent it well and provide a lot of storage. 
  • Functionality. How will you be using your vanity? Some people prefer having an additional add-on where they can store and do makeup. An extension of the vanity is great for having a small stool for getting ready. Furthermore, do you have a lot of products that need to be stored? If so, consider a vanity with cupboards and drawers. Of course, a double vanity will have more storage space.
  • Appearance. Design and style is big factor of bathroom vanities. After all, they are the eye-catching piece in most bathrooms. Choose a vanity that complements your style. If you want to have a rustic bathroom, opt for a vanity that suits that design well. Furthermore, you might appreciate the look of a vessel sink over an under-mounted sink. Opt for the vanity that best suits your taste. Some people prefer the look of a double vanity whereas others like the look of a single.
  • Where to use each. As previously mentioned, some vanities work better in specific spaces. For example, a freestanding or pedestal vanity is great for a half bathroom. Both of these options are single vanities. On the other hand, a double vanity is great for a master bathroom. It allows each person to have their own sink.
  • Budget. As with any remodel, budget is a consideration. Generally speaking, double vanities are more expensive. You’ll need to plumb in two sinks and account for more counter space. If you have a tighter budget, opting for a single sink may be a better choice. 


Are you wondering how much bathroom vanities cost? There are many factors that play into this. You can choose to build your own, buy a pre-made vanity, or get a custom-made option. Of course, building your own is often the most cost-effective choice. 

The cost will also depend largely on the materials you use. Countertops in specific can be expensive. If you opt for a marble or granite countertop, the expense will be greater. However, a laminate countertop is quite affordable. Price will also vary depending on the base material you choose. 

You can expect to pay anywhere between $500 and $4000 for a vanity. Pre-built vanities are cheaper than custom vanities. It is also important to consider installation. If you don’t know how to do it yourself, installation can run up to $1000. Furthermore, if your plumbing doesn’t match the vanity, that’ll be an additional cost. 

Pedestal vanities are often more affordable than a fancy vessel vanity. As you branch into double-sink vanities, the price will also go up. Though a vanity isn’t an inexpensive purchase, it adds function and beauty to your bathroom. 

Common Features

When buying a vanity, there are some additional features that you can get added in. These will add a level of uniqueness to your bathroom. Browse around or discuss with a contractor if you want to add any of these. Some of the most common features are: 

  • Mirror. Vanities are notorious for having a mirror above them. Some vanities will have a matching mirror. In more modern homes, you may mix and match your mirror to your vanity. Round mirrors are very common lately. They add a modern flair to the bathroom. Make sure the dimensions of the mirror you want flatter the vanity you choose. 
  • Soap pump. You can have your soap dispenser included in your vanity! Often, the pump will be subtly located underneath the vanity. A small dispenser will protrude from the surface. These are easy to refill. Furthermore, it limits clutter on the countertop. A soap pump is a luxurious option to include
  • Towel hanger. After washing your hands, you’ll need to dry them. Having a towel hanger attached to the vanity is a great way to do this. You can have a simple hand-towel rack attached to the vanity.
  • Lights. Include lights in your vanity. Most commonly, this includes track lighting underneath wall-mounted vanities. This looks extremely luxe. 


Vanities come in all different sizes and shapes. Some of our favorite shapes include: 

  • Square or rectangular. These shapes are extremely common. They seamlessly provide significant storage and offer a built-in feel. A square or rectangular vanity will fit nicely in a corner in the bathroom. You can then make it large enough to fit the space.
  • Round. Round vanities are less common, but they look very modern. They are unique and add a level of style to any space. Round vanities may not have the same storage solutions, but they look chic. 

Our Modern Vanity Picks 

We’ve chosen five of our favorite modern vanities. These vanities differ in style, color, and function. However, they look great and are a great addition to most bathrooms. 

1. KubeBath Bliss 72” Double Sink Wall-Mounted Vanity

 Kubebath Bliss 72” Double Sink Nature Wood Wall Mount Modern

This vanity by KubeBath features a modern shade of wood as the base with a gorgeous reinforced acrylic countertop. The sinks are a continuation of the countertop and fall nicely into the cabinet. 

This vanity is wall-mounted. Because of that, it looks extremely modern. It still houses four drawers for optimal storage. It is moisture-resistant and waterproof. This means that it will last long in humid spaces. 

2. Fresca Ovale 24” Modern Glass Bathroom Pedestal

Fresca Ovale 24 Modern Glass Bathroom Pedestal

The Fresca Ovale takes the traditional pedestal sink to a new level. The vessel sink is made of gorgeous green-colored glass. It is attached to a modern stainless steel base. For bathrooms that don’t require storage, this is an incredible way to make a statement. 

This sink also includes a towel bar and glass shelf. Towels can be neatly placed and soap can be located on the shelf. For a unique, modern appearance, this is the way to go. 

3. KubeBath Milano 60” Double Sink High Glossy White Modern Bathroom Vanity

Kubebath Milano 60 Double Sink High Glossy White Modern

Another great design by KubeBath! This vanity is sleek, simple, and chic. It has a high-gloss finish on the cabinets. Furthermore, a reinforced acrylic composite countertop features integrated sinks for a clean look. 

With one cupboard and six sturdy drawers, this vanity has all of the storage you’ll need. The doors are push-to-open. Because there is no hardware, this vanity looks even more modern. 

4. Eviva London Gray Transitional Double Sink Bathroom Vanity with White Carrara Top

Eviva London 60 X 18 Gray Transitional Double Sink Bathroom

If gray is your color, then this is the perfect double vanity for you. This 60” x 18” vanity has an impressive amount of storage. The base is made from solid wood and the countertop is a sturdy Carrara marble with under-mount sinks. The unit is finished with gorgeous chrome hardware. 

Featuring six drawers and two cabinets, you’ll be able to store all of your necessities. The dovetail drawers and doors feature a soft-closing experience. This will avoid slamming. The gray with complementary marble is the perfect addition to any modern bathroom. 

5. Stufurhome Malibu 60” Espresso Double Sink Bathroom Vanity

Stufurhome Malibu 60 Espresso Double Sink Bathroom Vanity

Add some edginess to your bathroom with this dark, vampy vanity. This double-sink vanity has incredible storage (similar to the Eviva). It is the perfect addition to any contemporary bathroom. The countertop is made of Carrara white marble for the perfect contrast. 

Stainless steel hardware finishes this unit. With six drawers and two cabinets, you’ll be able to store all of your belongings. 


You can also check our article on Choose the Best Bathroom Vanity for Your Home.


Take your bathroom to new heights with a new vanity! Now that you’ve learned some key factors to purchasing a vanity, we hope your decision is easier. Our five top picks for bathroom vanities with tops are sure to look great in any space where you’re trying to achieve a modern design. 

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