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How-To: Selecting a Double Sink Vanity

How-To: Selecting a Double Sink Vanity

If you are looking for a vanity for a medium size or larger bathroom - perhaps a medium size shared bathroom or even a master bath suite - then a double sink vanity could be the right choice.

A double sink vanity takes up more space within the room, yet with the added convenience of the second sink, more counter space, and additional storage, it can start to make the bathroom feel more luxurious. Most master suites (a master bedroom with an attached bathroom - sometimes referred to as an en-suite) will want to have a double sink vanity as a feature.

Once you decide a double sink vanity is the right direction for your project, then the question of size and features come into play. While you will likely have more space, simply finding the largest cabinet setup might not be the best answer. Do you have to share the space with the toilet, shower, and/or tub? Is the vanity area separated from the master suite or toilet area?

In addition to the size question, in many spaces where a double sink vanity is an option you will also want to ask if you want additional features besides the vanity use. Will you want to add a stand alone linen closet? Do you need a makeup area (which involves a lower counter section and larger mirror area)? Do you want these additional features integrated with your vanity cabinets or as a stand alone within the space? If you start with these questions, then the options of what piece or pieces you

Ideally the cabinets you select will provide ample clearance for door swings, entry into the space, and the other accessories within the room. This would include a toilet, shower, tub, and other accessories that might share the space where your vanity and cabinets will be installed.

Note: You should consult your local codes (varies by state) for all clearances. Recommended clearances are 15” from a wall to the centerline of the toilet bowl; 15” from the centerline of the toilet bowl to the edge of a cabinet; 21”-24” in front of a toilet.

A simple exercise with a tape measure and the bathroom can help define the maximum size that would be appropriate for the space. 

Tip: If you are not able to easily visualize what the finished product might take up as far as space, don’t worry - here is an easy shortcut to help with that process. Take your measurements, and then put a piece of tape on the floor where the edges of the cabinet will be. You will end up tracing out the outline of the cabinets on the floor. Then try moving around in the space as if you are “using” the new layout. See if clearances work for you, and make sure you have enough space to move comfortably.

Then the fun of selecting the actual unit is the next step.

There are a wide varieties of styles within each size range, so pick something that suites not only your personal tastes, but it should also fit the style of the room you are remodeling. If you need to, refer to your layout of tape on the floor if you need to adjust a size or two of the cabinets to get things just the way you want them.

Once you have things sized and selected, it’s time to make that all important purchase. Then the team here at Bath Cabinets Depot can get your newly selected vanity on its way to you as quickly as possible.

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