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Create a Functional Linen Cabinet Anywhere in Your Home

Create a Functional Linen Cabinet Anywhere in Your Home

Linen closets were a must-have decades ago. Today, many homeowners find they take more space than necessary. They look for alternatives that take less room while still accommodating the desired items. That’s where a linen storage cabinet comes into play. These units are versatile and fit any décor easily. Here is how to maximize the functionality of these cabinets and ensure efficient storage!

Advantages of Having a Linen Cabinet

This storage solution is a convenient place to store your sheets and other items. That includes blankets, pillows, throws, covers, etc. Why is a linen cabinet a better option than a closet? These are its main advantages:

  • Space savers. A single cabinet will take less room than an entire closet. You save space while ensuring you can put away the desired items.

  • Versatile placement. You can position a linen cabinet almost anywhere. Most people choose bathrooms, but it’s suitable for hallways, too. It can be convenient to put it next to beds.

  • Protect linen from dust. The main reason why you put sheets away from sight is to keep them clean. Cabinets prevent dust from entering and keep your items in good condition.

  • Organize your linen. You have several main setups that you use. You probably have sheets and blankets planned only for guests. Tablecloths and napkins are also suitable for a linen closet. A separate storage solution ensures you avoid confusion and know where your items are.

What to Consider to Maximize Linen Storage Cabinet Functionality?

The unit’s purpose is to meet your demands. Hundreds of different options are available. But first, ask yourself what you expect from these cabinets. Consider these factors before you decide on a particular unit!

1. Save Maximum Space with a Narrow Cabinet

Fresca Oxford Gray Tall Bathroom Linen Cabinet

Linen storage units offer different widths. But unlike closets that often go to 60 inches or more, these are narrower. The standard width is about 35 inches. Many homeowners go with narrow units. They can be from 16 to 18 inches wide.

Many brands call these side cabinets. They take a small footprint, but they are usually tall. The idea is to use their height to get maximum storage space. Thanks to that, you’ll get multiple compartments. It ensures you can store your linen, towels, and other items. You should have separate sections for easier organization.

2. Use At Least Three Compartments

Fresca Walnut Bathroom Linen Side Cabinet w/ 3 Large Storage Areas

Your linen storage cabinet should have a minimum of three separate sections. The first one should contain sheets and pillowcases. You can put towels to use by household members in the second compartment. Finally, the third compartment is for items you set aside for guests. That way, there’s no risk of mixing.

Many cabinets allow setting shelf heights to give you more customization. You can create more space in a single compartment. It’s usually the bottom one to avoid burdening the top shelves.

3. Combine Drawers and Shelves

Fresca Torino Gray Oak Tall Bathroom Linen Side Cabinet

Using different storage compartments helps to maximize the functionality. You can place drawers at the bottom to place sheets and linen. If you go with a side cabinet, go with at least 24 inches of width. You can use maximum drawer potential with those dimensions. The top shelves could serve for toiletries and items you use more frequently.

Don’t forget the aesthetic appeal of this solution. Cabinets can have a unique pattern and knobs that boost the overall appearance. Pros suggest picking soft-closing doors to avoid noise.

4. Hang Your Cabinet on the Wall

Wall Mounted Linen Cabinet - Ideas on Foter

If you mention linen storage, you probably imagine a freestanding unit. While that’s more frequent, you can go with a wall-hanging option. These often offer less storage space, but you get the additional room below it. Hanging cabinets are suitable for compact bathrooms. It’s also convenient for a single-member household.

5. Add a Mirror on the Door

Wyndham Collection Claire Linen Tower & 360 Degree Rotating Floor Cabinet  with Full-Length Mirror in Espresso - -

It’s a convenient hack that boosts functionality. If you have a tall cabinet, it’s the perfect place for a full-size mirror. Many bathrooms have limited space. Placing full-size mirrors is often a problem. 

This allows mixing the best of both. You get storage space and a mirror to check your appearance. It might take more effort to keep the glass clean with all the splashing. But if you know a few maintenance tricks, it shouldn’t be a problem.

6. Be Creative about the Positioning

Tidal Bath Bathroom Furniture | Simon's Supply Co., Inc. -  Fall-River-New-Bedford-Plymouth-West-Yarmouth

Bathrooms are most common for placing these cabinets. It’s a practical solution. You go to the bathroom when you wake up and before sleeping. It’s why keeping towels and linen there is convenient.

If you fit the overall area appearance, you can even pull off linen cabinet living room storage. It’s not a common option, but it can be smart if you have an open concept. Position the cabinet close to the hallway or bathroom. That way, you can grab the items you need as you are leaving. It’s convenient if you are going for a shower or sleeping.

7. Pick Finishing That Meets Your Décor

Linen Cabinets at

A wooden linen cabinet is the industry standard. Most cabinets have a solid wood frame and MDF panels. It offers the best combo of price and value. It’s the finishing where you have more options to choose from.

Depending on your décor, you can go with the following:

  • Nature wood finish. It’s excellent for contemporary areas. The finish adds elegance and even a rustic look to the décor.

  • Glossy white. It’s the opposite of a classic wooden finish. If you have modern decor, these are a smart pick. You can add luxurious knobs to make the design classier.

  • Gray. The neutral shade will complement most decors. You can combine it with black and white fixtures without disrupting the overall design.

  • Espresso. Here is another elegant and classic option. Espresso shades can be a fine choice for cabinets you place outside bathrooms.


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Final Thoughts

A linen storage cabinet should serve your needs. You can maximize its functionality by choosing the right combo of drawers and doors. It’s important to identify the right size. That’s one that doesn’t make it too crowded while delivering sufficient storage space. You can find narrow and tall side cabinets at online stores. Dozens of options with different compartments and finishes will ensure you find the one most suitable for you. Find the ideal item and place an order today to finally organize your linen storage!

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