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7 Simple Updates That Will Keep Your Bathroom Clean for Longer

7 Simple Updates That Will Keep Your Bathroom Clean for Longer

You put effort into designing your bathroom. It looks fantastic when it’s clean. The problem is it gets dirty quickly. That made you wonder if there are tricks to keep this area clean for longer.

The answer is yes, and this article will discuss those bathroom hygiene rules. You’ll discover simple updates that will help maintain this area in perfect shape. Keep reading to learn how to minimize effort and maximize the room’s appearance!

How to Keep Your Bathroom Clean for Longer?

You can’t bypass the basics, which means regular maintenance is crucial. It’s smart to have a cabinet or storage area for supplies and tools. Here is a quick checklist of the items you’ll need:

  • Cleaning products for toilets bowls, mirrors, and other surfaces
  • Rubber gloves
  • Scrubbing brushes
  • Microfiber cloths

Apart from regular cleaning, there are bathroom hygiene tricks to keep the area in fine condition for longer. Check out these updates to apply if possible!

1. The Advantage of Touchless Fixtures

7 Simple Updates that will keep your Bathroom Clean for

Your faucets are among the areas most sensitive to stains. You’ve noticed finger and other marks. If they annoy you, modern fixtures offer an alternative. Go with touchless faucets and avoid these issues. The price isn’t that different, and you’ll save effort and nerves when cleaning the bathroom.

Apart from keeping the faucet clean, touchless items ensure you don’t touch germy surfaces. It’s great to reduce the risk of bacteria harming your body. If you are a germaphobe, this will be among the best investments made. Aside from touchless faucets, you can choose lights and even soap dispensers with sensors. Toilets even come with an automatic flush sensor. Many DIY experts install it themselves with a specialized kit.

2. Sanitizing Your Shower Curtain

7 Simple Updates that will keep your Bathroom Clean for

It prevents the water from spilling over the entire bathroom when showering. But shower curtain also has a downside. It’s extremely sensitive to soap scum and mold. If you still didn’t get a curtain, pick one with antimicrobial characteristics. This will reduce mildew development and also ensure there are no foul odors.

You can get a water repellent and spray it on your existing setup. Check the instructions for your current curtain. If they allow washing, you can put it in the machine. Using the gentle cycle is an option for most curtains, but consult the manual first.

3. Restricting Moisture from Even Appearing

7 Simple Updates that will keep your Bathroom Clean for

If you use a bathroom, it’s only normal for some humidity to appear. While you can’t eliminate it, there are ways to reduce moisture. These include:

  • Keep the windows open during or after showering. If it’s summer, you don’t have to close them at all. But if it’s winter, close the windows when showering to avoid being cold. As soon as you leave the room, open them or activate the exhaust fan.

  • Avoid extremely hot water. This can be difficult, but at least do that if there’s no ventilation at the moment. Extreme water temperatures increase steam, which causes humidity.

  • Use special products that absorb moisture. These can help to reduce humidity and remove foul odors from the bathroom.

4. Install Towel Bars or Hangers

7 Simple Updates that will keep your Bathroom Clean for

Some people throw their towels on the floor. They keep them there until there’s enough for the washing machine. Bathroom hygiene facts state this is a wrong approach. If your towel is wet, it’s imperative to hang it. That ensures it will dry completely, and that prevents foul odors and other issues.

You have many options for hanging towels. Some pedestal sinks come with bars for these items. Placing hooks on the wall or hanging them on a heating rack in the bathroom is an excellent alternative. Pick the option that suits your preference and area décor.

5. Stash Cleaning Wipes in the Bathroom

7 Simple Updates that will keep your Bathroom Clean for

Find a spot out of sight and place disinfecting tissues there. These are your cleaning hacks when you notice a small dirty spot. Bathroom hygiene rules indicate this doesn’t require a major sweep. Cleaning wipes provide the necessary clean fix.

Small stains often appear in the bathroom. Perhaps a bit of your toothbrush fell on the countertop, or there’s a small stain on the wall. These wipes are convenient, and you can finish the task in seconds.

6. Create Order on Shelves and Cabinets

7 Simple Updates that will keep your Bathroom Clean for

Imagine your hands are wet because you shaved. You need the lotion but aren’t sure where to find it. Browsing through the products with wet hands might lead to stains on the items or the countertop. That’s why you should insist on ordering on all shelves and cabinets.

This will keep things neat, which is important for the bathroom’s overall appearance. While arranging stuff in cabinets, ensure each item has its spot. That will minimize the risk of your bathroom storage ever turning into chaos.

7. Pick Bath Mats Carefully

7 Simple Updates that will keep your Bathroom Clean for

A carpet-like surface under your feet might feel good. But if you want a hygienic bath, you should avoid plush materials. They don’t interact with water well, and bacteria and mold love them. They develop quickly on these surfaces, which can be a health risk. Your bath mat doesn’t even have to get in touch with water for mildew to appear. If moisture levels in the room are high, that will be enough.

The solution is to find a hygienic replacement. The experts suggest wool, polyester, or cotton. You need a fast-drying material resistant to moisture. You can go natural by choosing bamboo, which has natural antibacterial properties. If you insist on keeping a soft mat, frequent washing is necessary. Throw it in the washing machine on a bi-weekly basis to remove odors and germs.


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Final Thoughts

The basic bathroom hygiene rules involve regular maintenance. That helps to make the area clean but not keep it in that condition. The updates mentioned in this guide are what can ensure your bathroom remains in perfect shape.

Changing a couple of fixtures and adding new details could also freshen up the entire area. You can check internet stores and find fixtures that suit different styles and decors. These shops will deliver the items to your doorstep, which guarantees an effortless bathroom upgrade!

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